Firmware LPT2 v2.06 & LPTcontrol v2.4 available



Firmware v2.06 is now available. It brings following improvements :

* Added auxiliary sensor management. "Auxiliary sensor" mode is not currently memorized, in order to prioritize the integrated sensor.
* Added information feedback about charge status and battery level, on USB/Bluetooth communication (currently available only on PC software, will be added soon on Android application)
* Added possibility to control sensitivity and prefocus via USB/Bluetooth communication (currently available only on PC software, will be added soon on Android application)
* Corrected a Bluetooth communication bug, the was present on version 2.05.

Moreover, LPTcontrol2 v2.4 software is now available too, and permits to use all the new functionnalities introduced on firmware v2.06. It is currently available only for Windows. MacOS version will be released soon. This new version brings following improvements :

* Improved status bar information organization
* Added information about battery level and charge status (for firmwares >= v2.06)
* Added possibility to switch to external sensor (for firmwares >= v2.06)
* Added possibility to control sensitivity level and prefocus activation (for firmwares >= v2.06)

[External sensors for LPT]

New external sensors are currently under development. Due to the fact that a new version of the sound sensor will be released, it has currently been removed from shop. 
New sensors availability announced for june/july 2015

[Firmware LPT1]

New firmware, compatible with LPTcontrol2 v2.04 is announced for end of may.

Firmware LPT2 v2.05 and other news



Firmware v2.05 is now available. It concerns a minor version correcting following elements :

* Charge/no charge detection level was too closed to limit
* Charge detection when LPT starts directly from USB

Firmware v2.06 is under development and will be released in a few weeks. Main update will be the possibility to use auxiliary sensors.


Firmware v1.10 is under development. Main planned updates are :comparibility with LPTcontrol2 (LPTcontrol1 will be obsoleted) and possibility to deactivate auxiliary input.

This firmware is planned for may.


Version 2.4, permitting to be used with LPT1 and LPT2 is under development. This version will permit to access to external sensors parameters and will be available at the same time than firmware v2.06 for LPT2.

[LPTcontrol for Android]

A new version permitting to use external sensors is planned. No availability date can be announced for now (but it will necessarily be after developments announced above).

[External sensors for LPT1/2]

Several new sensors are under development for LPT1/LPT2. At first, it will concern a new version of the sound sensor, and an infrared barrier. A vibration sensor is also planned. Availability is announced for end of june/beginning of july.


No new information about the development of stepper motor control interface. More information in may.

NSC project


NEMA Stepper Controller (NSC) page description is online.
More information at this link

Latest news...



Good news for future Lightning Photography Trigger 2 customers : after changing USB cable provider, it has been decided to include an USB cable with every LPT2, without increase of price. The price of the USB cable alone has been decreased.


As many of you have maybe seen it on our Facebook page, new projects are under development. Information about these projects will be provided in march. Stay tuned!